Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging

Traditional Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) plays an important role in qualitatively identifying the presence – or absence – of a leak. Quantitative OGI (QOGI) represents a significant leap forward by allowing a leak rate to be determined. Using a foundation built from years of traditional OGI experience, Altamira’s Infrared Training Center (ITC) certified staff is applying QOGI to ensure that clients have all the information necessary to make effective business decisions.

Quantitative OGI

  • Generate data useful for ESG reports and operational decisions
  • Estimate financial losses by quantifying leaks
  • Prioritize leak repairs based on financial and environmental impacts
  • Accurately quantify most leak rates

Traditional OGI

  • NSPS Subpart OOOOa scheduling, OGI inspections and annual reports
  • Utilization of NSPS Subpart OOOOa data with emission inventory and GHG reports
  • Efficient detection of difficult-to-find leaks: elevated components, buried pipelines, etc.
  • Combine OGI inspections with SPCC, BLM and NORM Surveys for added efficiency

What makes Altamira your competitive advantage?

We believe and invest in advanced technologies so our clients can stay ahead of competitors and industry trends. Altamira’s program leads are ITC-certified and among the first to use QOGI in the field. Our mission at Altamira is to solve our clients’ most complex regulatory, operational and business challenges by being the first choice and trusted partner for strategy, consulting, technical expertise and digital technology solutions.

For more details, download our Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging brochure.

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