Mission and Values

Safety/ESG – Safety is paramount in our culture and everything we do. Altamira applies a structured governance approach to business and is committed to positive social and environmental outcomes.

Integrity – We promote a transparent, open and communicative environment where trust, honesty and respectful candor are virtues in personifying integrity throughout our organization. We ensure Altamira’s processes and programs are impartial and fair, and we champion equitable outcomes.

Accountability – We are accountable for our actions. Altamira is viewed as a dependable and reliable colleague. We admit mistakes openly and take ownership, never blaming others for our actions. We identify and communicate potential problems before they grow into major issues. When identifying a problem or challenge, we brainstorm potential solutions and present to our team, leadership and clients.

Owner Mentality – We embody the “owner mentality” with a strong emphasis placed on developing people and partnerships. This is our mindset toward Altamira and client deliverables. We factor the proper sense of urgency and responsiveness in terms of delivering on cost, quality and schedule commitments.

Collaboration – As one Altamira, our mission is to share openly. We go the extra mile to help our teammates and clients achieve success. As one Altamira, we value all aspects of diversity within our organization, we are inclusive and we share openly.

Innovation – Altamira applies an innovative and “curious mindset” approach to our projects, programs and partner solutions. We are constantly seeking new ways to improve processes and outcomes.

Adaptability – Organizational success requires us to be open to new ideas, roles and services. We are agile and step outside of our comfort zone to achieve our mission.

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Our mission at Altamira is to solve our clients’ most complex regulatory, operational and business challenges by being the first choice and trusted partner for strategy, consulting, technical expertise and digital technology solutions.